Get to know Sarah Hanks


Sarah Hanks

Client Care Coordinator

Never one to stick with convention, Sarah got married, had three kids within 11 months, and moved to the Netherlands with her husband, Josh, all before she was 25. While there she fell in love with medieval history and traveled to London as often as possible. Once back in the states, Sarah graduated from the University of Nebraska Omaha with a degree in history and anthropology. Soon after she started curatorial work at the Durham museum. During that time she researched and put together her own exhibit and eventually transitioned to researching and working on historical documents and artifacts that the museum had in its vault. After another stint in Europe, this time in Germany, Sarah, Josh, and the kids have finally settled in the PNW where their families are originally from.

In her free time (whatever that is), Sarah likes to read and tell her kids to “just please leave me alone for 5 minutes, I just walked in the door!”. She also loves to drink coffee. Because, Seattle, obviously.