Because three

Is Better Than one

Because Three

Is Better Than One

Combining Financial, Legal and Accounting Services all under one roof, because you deserve a team that sees the full picture.

You've been a working professional for years, acting responsibly and navigating many of life's great changes. And now you're feeling like a rookie all over again when it comes to your financial future. With TriFound, that doesn't need to be the case.

We are a team of highly trained professionals working to design a customized Legacy Plan for each client, built around the three components of proper planning — Financial, Legal and Accounting services. We believe in communication and teamwork, and that combining these three key components to work together is what makes a true Legacy for the future of you and your loved ones.

Maybe you already have a financial advisor. Maybe you already work with a CPA or an attorney. But if you find yourself overwhelmed by everything out there and are looking for a team that takes your entire picture into account, TriFound is here for you.

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From Our Clients

What do we mean by Legacy?

At TriFound, leaving a Legacy means more than just providing estate planning services. Of course, you want to protect your house, belongings and money so that you have something to leave to your family, but the intangibles are what truly leave an impact.

Maybe you value education and want to establish a college payment plan for a child in your family. Maybe you have a family-built company and want to plan for it to keep running after you retire so that it can continue to provide for your family. These types of things are what we truly value when we help our clients. We help you establish plans and confidence so that, even when you’re gone, your Legacy will continue to impact those most important to you.

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