Outreach Program

About TriFound's Outreach Program

The TriFound Outreach Program was created from humble beginnings. It was established to help members of our communities, of any financial circumstance, to have the opportunity to grow their Legacies.

This is Deb Harris’s story of how and why she began this amazing program in her own words:


A number of years ago, my husband passed away. About a year later I came to see my son Gary, the President and Founder of TriFound, about wanting to work in the customer service side of his company.

We had to figure out how to contact these people since most of our clients were acquired through acquisitions, mergers, and referrals. So I designed the Outreach Program specifically to contact people whom we haven’t worked with and haven’t worked with any of their friends. When we contact people through seminars, surveys, or whatever the case may be, this gives us an opportunity to discuss some of the issues they may be facing, and it turned out that many people are facing these issues.

While many middle-class people may not have issues with a business that they own, their liabilities tend to be with Medicare or long-term care. Our Outreach Program was established to help others understand these bigger issues as well as introduce them to our firm. During a seminar or after a survey, we give people a glimpse of how the wealthy have been taking care of their money and assets for many, many years."

Our Partners

The Goals of Our Community Outreach

  • Use TriFound's national scope to give back to our communities in a variety of ways.
  • Encourage our employees to give back through causes that matter to them through volunteer hours during work time.
  • Serve as a resource for those in our communities looking for financial, legal and accounting leadership.
  • Give back through monetary donations to our valued partners.
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